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A Traveler’s Guide to Buying Diamonds, Colored Gems, Pearls, Gold and Platinum Jewelry


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Become a smart buyer by using the Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide. You’ll find out what to look for when buying gems and what questions to ask jewelers. You’ll discover how gems are enhanced to make them appear better than they really are and how marketing terms are used to mislead you. You’ll even learn how to avoid hassles with customs. Whether you shop at home or abroad, this book is an indispensable resource.

by Renée Newman  

ISBN 978-0-929975-30-6 / 4.5" x  7" (11 x 18 cm) / 156 pages

International Jewelry Publications / $11.95 / Paperback                    

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The ISBN for the eBook version of the Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide is:

ISBN# 978-0-929975-49-8 and the retail price is $4.99.  It's available through

Apple I books,

Barnes & Noble Nook,

Amazon Kindle, and other e-tailers worldwide.


"Brilliantly planned, painstakingly researched, and beautifully produced, yet it is small enough that it fits easily into a purse, pocket, or palm…" this handy little book comes closer to covering all of the important bases than any similar guides have managed to do. From good descriptions of the most popular gem materials (plus gold and platinum), to jewelry craftsmanship, treatments, gem sources, appraisals, documentation and even information about U.S. customs for foreign travelers – it is all here. I heartily endorse this wonderful pocket guide."

    Lapidary Journal, Reviewed by John S. White, former Curator of Gems &

    Minerals, Smithsonian Institution

"Small in page size (113 x 180mm), modest in its number of pages (156) but surprisingly comprehensive in content. Essentially this small traveller’s guide summarizes the important content of the author’s previously published guides. Importantly this inexpensive book also supplies additional clearly presented information on such topics of interest as: important sources of gemstones throughout the world, effective ways to evaluate the quality of gemstones and jewellery before a purchase, how to choose the most appropriate jeweller, how to choose an appraiser to independently evaluate your purchase, how to choose the most appropriate method of certification and what precautions one should adopt when buying gemstones and jewellery from an unknown supplier.

    An ex-full-time tour director who has become a very professional author of guidebooks for buyers of gemstones and jewellery has offered a wealth of accurate fact and sound advice in this book."

    Australian Gemmologist

"As always with this author, the presentation is immaculate and each opening displays high-class pictures of gemstones and jewellery. This book opens with a succinct account of how items are priced, this including a note on how to make the best use of lighting conditions prevailing when a stone is examined. Treatments, synthetic and imitation stones are described next, before the books largest section in which the major gemstones are discussed, followed by consideration of gold and platinum jewelry.

    An excellent chapter lists and comments on marketing terms and euphemisms. The reader can learn how to buy, how to choose an appraiser, scrutinize laboratory reports, deal with customs, consult a list of useful websites – and much much more.  Short guides don’t come better than this."

    Journal of Gemmology

"The most concise, definitve, informative, authoritative, portable, and "user friendly" guide for travelers seeking to buy gems and jewelry while on their travels...Profusely illustrated in full color...This little pocket-sized compendium offers invaluable tips for the non-specialist general reader on quality evaluation, fake and lab-grown gems, custom-made jewelry, customs regulations, gem treatment, and geographic gem sources. Whether acquiring gems and jewelry for personal use, commercial resale, or as a collectible, first read through Renee Newman's Gem & Jewelry Pocket Guide."

    Midwest Book Review

"Picture yourself sitting in a deck chair on a cruise ship, or settling in for a long plane ride to some foreign destination. As part of your trip, you plan to buy a gemstone or piece of jewelry, so you are reading up on the subject. You would have a difficult time finding a better general reference on the subject than this book.

    The author draws from her extensive experience as a gemologist, tour director, world traveler and author of numerous other gem-and jewelry-buying guides to produce a concise, detailed and interesting guide. Through the use of over 100 color photographs, numerous black and white photos, line drawings, and charts, she features dozens of different varieties of gemstones…

    For those interested in purchasing a finished piece of jewelry, there are chapters on gold and platinum jewelry, jewelry craftsmanship, and how to have jewelry customs made. Metals, fineness markings, types of mountings and care and cleaning tips are included.

    A subject that is not often covered in books on gemstones and jewelry is the set of factors that a buyer should know to make a smart and safe purchase decision…

    This book goes a long way in helping gem and jewelry consumers make better buying decisions. The size and readability of this book make it a "perfect" fit for its intended use, and you’re likely to see it being put to use in just about any part of the world."

    Gems & Gemology


On March 17, 2022, Lourdes Winnick posted a comment on the Gemological and Jewelry Book Club Facebook page saying:  "

I use this pocket guide regularly. I owe my entire career to your books. “The Diamond Ring Buying Guide” helped me believe that I could learn the material. So I enrolled at GIA many years ago.

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