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My name is Renée Newman. I'm a gemologist (GG, GIA), lecturer, writer and author of 13 books on gems and jewelry. Besides providing details about my background and my books, this site offers information on gems, jewelry, appraisers, buying and selling. My goal is to provide consumers and jewelry professionals with unbiased, affordable information on how to buy, evaluate and appreciate gems and jewelry. But the consumer principles I stress in my gem books can also be applied to other subject areas such as health. In both cases, you should be informed, deal with competent professionals and get proper documentation. For more information go to my osteoporosis prevention website www.avoidboneloss.com.

My overall mission is to promote consumer issues, education, ethics, good health and the arts.


A  revised and updated 8th Edition of my Diamond Ring Buying Guide with 131 new photographs, added chapters on silver and alternative metals, new information on lab-grown diamonds and diamond treatments, and updated information throughout the book. Unlike the Diamond Handbook which is geared to trade professionals, the Diamond Ring Buying Guide is directed to consumers and new jewelry salespeople. It will be available near the end of February 2020. Click here for more information.

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Renée Newman the speaker

Besides writing books and articles, I speak to Gem and Mineral clubs, Woman's Jewelry Associations, GIA Alumni Associations and Women's clubs. In April 2019 I was a speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Intl Society of Appraisers in Louisville, KY, and in May 2019, I was the speaker in residence for the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies at their Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, North Carolina. I've given PowerPoint talks on the following topics:

* 21st Century Jade: Why It's Prized and How It's Tested & Valued

* How Exotic Gems are Changing the Jewelry Industry

*  Pearl Update: New Types, Fakes, Treatments and Jewelry Styles

*  Precious Metal Jewelry: How to Test, Mark & Value It.

* The Allure of Diamonds

* The Diversity of American Gems: Eastern States

* The Diversity of American Gems: Central States

* The Diversity of American Gems: Western States

*  Detecting Jade Imitations and Treatments

*  Evaluation and Pricing of Jadeite and Nephrite Jade   

In June 2019 I started doing a regular column entitled "Nuggets of Knowledge" for Bead and Button Magazine. You can read more about me and my books on their online website: FacetJewelry.com.

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